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October-December, Volume 3, Issue 4 2015: CURRENT ISSUE
Socioeconomic classification of Indian population:
A conceptual update for Biomedical Research

Mithun Sikdar  
Biolife, 3(4);769-770. Abstract | Full Text | PDF             

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  Scientific Report:
Published: 2 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.341
Research Paper:
Prognosis of bacterial meningitis patients according to clinical criteriae and laboratory results on admission
Alaa Kamaluddeen Alashry, Khaled Mahmoud Mohiedeen, Akram Abdelmonim Deghady, and  Mohammed Ahmed Kassem
Biolife, 3(4);771-777. Abstract | Full Text | PDF             
Published: 5 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.342
Research Paper:
Changes in some haematological parameters induced on exposure to a sub-lethal dose of fluoride (NaF) in the freshwater fish, Channa punctatus (BLOCH)
Sunil Kumar Guru and Rajesh Behera
Biolife, 3(4);778-782. Abstract | Full Text | PDF             
Published: October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.343
Research Paper:
Biology, ecology and control of weevils (Curculionidae: Coleoptera) on Mango Mangnifera indica Linn. from Western Maharashtra.
T. V. Sathe, S. S. Patil, A. G. Khamkar and Khairmode P. V.
Biolife, 3(4);783-787. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.344
Research Paper:
Antibacterial activity of fish mucus from Clarias batrachus (Linn.) Against selected microbes
R. N. Patil, J. S. Kadam, J. R. Ingole, T. V. Sathe, A. D. Jadhav
Biolife, 3(4);788-791. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 10 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.345
Animal Cell Culture and Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
N.C. Hiragond
Biolife, 3(4);792-793. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 10 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.346
Research Paper:
Protective role of flaxseed oil on hypercholesterolemic rats
Mohamed M. Aly-Aldin, Esam H. Mansour, Elsayed H. Rahma, Alaa E. El-Beltagy Abo El-Fath A. ElBedawey and Magida M. El-Habashy
Biolife, 3(4);794-801. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 11 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.347
Research Paper:
Predictors of the selective use of chestcomputed tomography in road traffic accident patients with none clinically evident chest trauma
Mohamed Nassef Ismail,Habashy abd-elbaset Elhammdy, Adel Mohamed Risk, Ayman Ahmed Nosseir
Biolife, 3(4);802-806. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 18 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.348
Research Paper:
Metabolic Syndrome Associated Arthropathy
Ahmed Shoeib, Reda Badr and Ahmad El-Askary (2015). . Biolife, 3(4);807-810. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 18 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.349
Research Paper:
Elemental Analysis of Tridax procumbens shoot extract and its significance
Ch. Shivakanth, and D. Manohar Rao
Biolife, 3(4);811-812. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 20 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3410
Research Paper:
First report of three species of Argulus (crustacea: branchiura) infesting on red-can Oranda gold fish (Carassius auratus auratus) in India
Mandira Saha and P.K. Bandyopadhyay (2015). 
Biolife, 3(4);813-819. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 20 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3411
Research Paper:
Riparian Flora of Mahi River, Gujarat
Amita O. Sankhwal, Shruti D. Shah, Deepa J. Gavali and Sumesh N. Dudani
Biolife, 3(4);820-826. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 30 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3412
Research Paper:
Investigating salt tolerance in citrus rootstocks under greenhouse conditions using growth and biochemical indicators.
Bouchra Ait El Aouad, Anas Fadli, Tarik Aderdour, Abdelhak Talha, Rachid Benkirane and Hamid Benyahia
Biolife, 3(4);827-837. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 30 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3413
Research Paper:
First locality record of Chrysopelea ornata Shaw, 1802 Golden Tree or Gliding Snake from Kanger Valley National Park, District-Bastar, Chhattisgarh
Sushil Kumar Dutta    
Biolife, 3(4);851-853. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 10 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3415
Research Paper:
Status of phytoplankton diversity at Vadgaon freshwater tank of Maharashtra, India
S. A. Manjare
Biolife, 3(4);854-858. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 10 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3416
Research Paper:
In vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of leaf and flower extracts of Parthenium hysterophorus L.
Kamarapu Madhu, Ravulakolanu Vanisree, Yalavarthy Prameela Devi.
Biolife, 3(4);838-842. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 30 October 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3414
Research Paper:
Biotechnological importance of topical application of phytojuvenoid with particular reference to biochemical performance of multivoltine mulberry silkworm (Bombyx mori Linn.)
Roli Srivastava and V.B. Upadhyay
Biolife, 3(4);859-863. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 19 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3417
Research Paper:
Assessment of factors affecting the outcome of elderly blunt trauma in Emergency Department
Botros Wagih Latif, Habashy Abd El Baset Al Hammady, Alaa Hussien Abd El Razek, Wael Nabil Abd El Salam
Biolife, 3(4);864-868. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 19 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3418
Research Paper:
Evaluation of role of chest sonography in assessment of patients presenting with shock to emergency department
Elsayed AA, Ibrahim RM, Shaaban MM
Biolife, 3(4);869-879. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 20 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3419
Research Paper:
Role of imaging guided wire localization of non-palpable breast lesions:Effect of localization accuracy on surgical outcome and histopathological safety margins
Mohamed A. Hanora  Alaa Eldin  M. AbdelHamid,  Ayman A. Mehanna,  Yasser S. Hamed Hala K. Maghraby, Rafik M. Ibrahim
Biolife, 3(4);883-888. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 25 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3421
Research Paper:
Study of anatomical alterations in mango leaf due to gall infestation
P.S.Managoli,and P.B.Deshmukh
Biolife, 3(4);880-882. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 21 November 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3420
Research Paper:
Effect of Various Growth Hormone Concentration and Combination on Protocol Optimization for In vitro Rapid Propagation of Withania somnifera
Indrani Trivedi.Maheshwar Prasad Trivedi, Upendra Kishore Sinha, Anupama and Sanjeev Kumar Ambasta
Biolife, 3(4);889-896. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 1 December 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3422
Research Paper:
Concentration of metals in soft organs of Lamellidens marginalis  from Krishna river at Ankali, Maharashtra (India)
S. A. Manjare
Biolife, 3(4);897-899. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 2 December, 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3423
Research Paper:
Accuracy of rush protocol in diagnosis of septic shock
El Sayed A.A., MD,Tammam H.M.H., MD,Abdel kader E.F.
Biolife, 3(4);900-904. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 12 December 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3424
Research Paper:
Effect of different modes of ventilation on diaphragmatic excursion in mechanically ventilated patients: ultrasonographic assesment
El Morsy A.A., Tammam H.M.H., Moharram M.A.S.
Biolife, 3(4);905-909. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 14 December, 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3425
Research Paper:
In vitro growth behavior of Paulownia kawakamii hybrid under nutrient media and plant growth regulators effect
Abd El-Kader E. M and Hanan. M. Abou El-ghit
Biolife, 3(4);910-916. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 21 December 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3426
Research Paper:
Impact of combination of water stress and heavy metals on germination and seedling growth of two Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan L.millspaugh) cultivars
Swapna, B and Rama Gopal, G.
Biolife, 3(4);917-921. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 24 December, 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3427
Research Paper:
Serial ultrasonographic evaluation of diaphragm thickness during mechanical ventilation in ICU patients
El Morsy A.A., Ibrahim M.R, Sakr M.M.A.
Biolife, 3(4);922-936. Abstract | Full Text | PDF
Published: 24 December 2015 / DOI: 10.17812/blj.2015.3428
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