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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is
one of the most commonly
detected cancer. Traditional
medicines have long been used for
the treatment of this cancer. The
objective of this study was to
screen the anticancer activities in
International Quarterly Journal of Biology & Life Sciences

eISSN 2320-4257

Effect of post-harvest treatments on biochemical changes of mango CV. Kesar fruit during storage
Sachin Patil, Chillawar R. G. and R.R. Viradia
Biolife 2014;2(4);1262-1267 [Download: PDF]

Study of physico-chemical status of Dhamapur lake in Malvan taluka, District Sindhudurg, Maharashtra
D. L. Bharamal and Korgaonkar D. S
Biolife 2014;2(4);1274-1278 [Download: PDF]

Cytotoxic and apoptosis-inducing effect of luteolin isolated from Feronia limonia on HEPG2 cells
Jayashree V, Hanchinalmath and Ramesh Londonkar
Biolife 2014;2(4);1287-1292 [Download: PDF]

Scarab (Scarabaeidae) fauna of Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India
D. L. Bharamal., Y. J. Koli., D. S. Korgaonkar and G. P. Bhawane
Biolife 2014;2(4);1301-1304 [Download: PDF]

SOD and CAT level in the abdominal muscles of immunostimulated mice during hepatitis B infection
Madhuri, D and Viveka Vardhani,V
Biolife 2014;2(4);1310-1314 [Download: PDF]

Biochemical and histopathological changes in head kidney of Labeo rohita infected with Aeromonas liquefaciens
Satyalatha B.D.J and Viveka Vardhani V
Biolife 2014;2(4);1319-1325 [Download: PDF]

Prospects of ecotourism in Joypore rainforest of Assam, India
Chandralekha Deka, Bhabesh Nath, Robin Chandra Dwara, Dorodi Saikia Borah, Hijam Homendro Singh
Biolife 2014;2(4);1332-1337 [Download: PDF]

Pesticides induces alterations in protein content of fresh water male crab, Barytelphusa guerini (h. Milne - edwards), from Godavari basin, Nanded, Maharashtra
Manoj Deshpande, Nagesh Nagthane, Nagrale Narayan, Jagtap Ashwini and Ravi Barde
Biolife 2014;2(4);1342-1346 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of antifungal potential of chitin and chitin-based derivatives against pathogenic fungal strains
Junaid Alam and Abhishek Mathur
Biolife 2014;2(4);1354-1358 [Download: PDF]

Somatotype of non-athlete tribal school boys of West Tripura District, Tripura
Sandeep Roy Sarkar and Samir Kumar Sil
Biolife 2014;2(4);1365-1370 [Download: PDF]

A comparative histopathological remedial study of polyherbal formulation Diabcure and Glibenclamide on Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats
Devdatta Gopal Lad
Biolife 2014;2(4);1376-1379 [Download: PDF]

Alteration in some haematobiochemicl parameters of Oreochromis mossambicus under the stress of acute copper toxicity
Karunakar Baghel, Rajesh Behera and Milan Kumar Behera
Biolife 2014;2(4);1387-1391 [Download: PDF]
Determination of water quality index of Annapurna river in Devgad taluka, District Sindhudurg, Maharashtra
Korgaonkar D. S., D. L. Bharamal and Y. J. Koli
Biolife 2014;2(4);1268-1273 [Download: PDF]

Impact of pesticides on AMF spore population and diversity in banana (Musa spp.) Plantation soils
M. N. Abubacker, M. Visvanathan and S. Srinivasan
Biolife 2014;2(4);1279-1286 [Download: PDF]

Decolourization of Direct Orange-102 and Malachite Green by bacterial consortium
M.N. Abubacker and T. Mehala
Biolife 2014;2(4);1293-1300 [Download: PDF]

Preliminary rearing technique for Attacus atlas (lepidoptera: saturniidae) a wild silk worm of India
R. P. Kavane and T. V. Sathe
Biolife 2014;2(4);1305-1309 [Download: PDF]

Zooplankton diversity in certain ponds of Cuddalore District of Tamilnadu, India
A. Suganthi, P. Ezhumalai, and Y. Chezhian
Biolife 2014;2(4);1315-1318 [Download: PDF]

Comparative analysis of keratinophilic fungi from the soils of Khardung and Khardung La (Ladakh), India
Sandeep Kotwal and Geeta Sumbali
Biolife 2014;2(4);1326-1331 [Download: PDF]

Orthopteran (insect) diversity from Haveli and Maval Tahasil of the Pune District, Maharashtra, India
H. A. Dhamke. Y. J. Koli. and G. P. Bhawane
Biolife 2014;2(4);1338-1341 [Download: PDF]

Ecology, ethology and control of green stink bug Plautia affinis Dallas (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) on mulberry Morus alba l. Varieties V-1 and M-5 from Kolhapur
T.V. Sathe, B. V. Jadhav, A.S. Desai, Nilam Shendge, Chandani Kamble and A. D. Jadhav
Biolife 2014;2(4);1347-1353 [Download: PDF]

Influence of integrated nutrient management on productivity and grain protein content of wheat under sandy soils conditions
Essam A. Abd El-Lattief
Biolife 2014;2(4);1359-1364 [Download: PDF]

Fluoride induced alterations in erythrocyte and related parameters of an Air-breathing fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch)
Sunil Kumar Guru, Rajesh Behera and Milan Kumar Behera
Biolife 2014;2(4);1371-1375 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of antibacterial potentialities of Terminalia arjuna wight & arn leaf gall: an ethnomedicinal plant
Hemanth Kumar N K, Poornachandra Rao K. and Shobha Jagannath
Biolife 2014;2(4);1380-1386 [Download: PDF]

Alterations in some haemato-bio-chemical parameters of a fresh water, air breathing fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch) under the stress of chronic, sub-lethal dose of nickel
Himansu Bhusan Mahananda
Biolife 2014;2(4);1392-1397 [Download: PDF]

October-December, 2(4), 2014.
International Quarterly Journal of Biology & Life Sciences

Invitro Anti-Diabetic Activity Of Selected Medicinal Plant Extracts Used By Tribals Of Adilabad District, Telangana State, India
Lingaiah, Devender Guniganti and Estari Mamidala
Biolife 2014;2(4);1398-1404 [Download: PDF].
Catalase Enzyme Activity in Sewages, Dairy, Dying Industry Effluents Flooded Soils in Khammam City District, Telangana, India
B. Lalitha Kumari
Biolife 2014;2(4);1405-1409 [Download: PDF]
Physicochemical and Biological Characteristics of Soils Amended with Dairy Waste Water Flooded Soils in Wyra, Khammam Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India.
B. Lalitha Kumari
Biolife 2014;2(4);1410-1414 [Download: PDF].
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