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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is
one of the most commonly
detected cancer. Traditional
medicines have long been used for
the treatment of this cancer. The
objective of this study was to
screen the anticancer activities in
International Quarterly Journal of Biology & Life Sciences

eISSN 2320-4257
October-December, 2(4), 2014.
Association among grain yield and morphological traits of
Chickpea genotypes

Sachin D. Parhe, P.N. Harer , N.S. Kute and Kunj Chandra
Biolife 2014;2(4);997-1001 [Download: PDF]

Assessing the morphological characters for taxonomic
significance among intraspecific variations of Catharanthus

Runa Rashmi and Maheshwar Prasad Trivedi
Biolife 2014;2(4);1002-1007 [Download: PDF]

Anti-microbial studies and the effect of the aqueous extract
of Cyphostemma glaucophilla leaves on the concentration
of total  plasma proteins and albumin in corn-meal induced
kwashiorkor rats

Ojogbane, Eleojo., Nwodo, O. F. C., Omale, James., and
Yakubu, O. E

Biolife 2014;2(4);1008-1013 [Download: PDF]

Assessment of water quality parameters of selected blocks
in Keoladeo national park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan with
reference to wildlife feasilibility

Kiran Choudhary and Krishnendra Singh Nama
Biolife 2014;2(4);1014-1021 [Download: PDF]

Antioxidant property analysis of Tobacco leaves in ayurvedic

Shastri A.R and Potdar S.V
Biolife 2014;2(4);1022-1026 [Download: PDF]

Studies an antimicrobial activity of various n-substituted
Phthalimides derivatives
Nilesh S. Pawar and Sanjay M. Zalte
Biolife 2014;2(4);1027-1033 [Download: PDF]

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) reverse ranscriptase
inhibitoryactivity of Eclipta alba (L) leaves crude extracts
Venkanna Lunavath and Estari Mamidala
Biolife 2014;2(4);1034-1037 [Download: PDF]

Study of antibiotic resistance pattern and detection of meca
gene in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical
Negin Adavoudi Jolfaei, Ceera.M and Prasad. M.P
Biolife 2014;2(4);1038-1044 [Download: PDF]

Changes acquired in peroxidase -a key marker in plant
defense; upon root to root transfer of Glomus geosporum to
Lycopersicon esculentum mill
Ami R Lokhandwala and Madhumati R Bora
Biolife 2014;2(4);1050-1059 [Download: PDF]

Faalgee - sherpa community’s cereal based ethnic dish: a non-fermented food
Mingma Thundu Sherpa and Sayak Das
Biolife 2014;2(4);1045-1049 [Download: PDF]

Eucalyptus- a lignocellulosic biomass waste as a major
source in bioethanol production
Rekha Sethi and Prasad. M.P
Biolife 2014;2(4);1060-1064 [Download: PDF]

Some new records of Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae: hemiptera)
from chhattisgarh, India
Praveen K., B. Biswas, M. E. Hassan, K. Chandra and S. and Sabita Raja
Biolife 2014;2(4);1075-1085 [Download: PDF]

Preliminary observations on avifauna diversity of kakatiya
university campus, warangal
N.C. Hiragond
Biolife 2014;2(4);1086-1089 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of heavy metal contamination in the estuaries of
Jebitta M. Shirlin, J. Nancy Shophiya, M. Ranjani Devi, L. Prem Raj, M. Suresh, and J.M.V. Kalaiarasi
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1090-1093 [Download: PDF]

Effect on marketability of ornamental fishes due to parasitic
Pinky Kaur and Sneha Pandey
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1094-1099 [Download: PDF]

Alterations in lipid metabolism induced by the betel leaf stalk
extract in male albino rats
Vengaiah, V, Govardhan Naik, A and Changamma, C
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1100-1109 [Download: PDF]

Oral health form hive: potential uses of Propolis in dentistry
Neha Agrawal, N.D Gupta, R.K. Tewari, Amit Kumar Garg and Rupesh Singh
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1110-1116 [Download: PDF]

Price increment analysis of Indian fresh water fishes in some
years using Laspeyres price index
Devdatta Gopal Lad
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1117-1119 [Download: PDF]

Dietary intake and nutritional status of women in rural
Guntur district
Udaya Lakshmi, K and Babitha, B
Biolife 2014;2(4); 1120-1124 [Download: PDF]

Comparative study of hemolymph protein profile in Baritelphu-sa cunicularis and Parreysia corrugata
Sakhare, S.S and Kamble, N.A
Biolife 2014;2(4);1125-1130 [Download: PDF]

Some observations on avifauna diversity of RTM Nagpur
University Campus, Nagpur and its vicinity
Hiragond, N.C
Biolife 2014;2(4);1131-1135 [Download: PDF]

Monthly variation of water quality and selected microbial
indicators in selected fresh water ponds connected through
canal from Peachipara reservoir of Kanyakumari District,
South India
Avvai M.S. Vijaya and Paul Raj, K
Biolife 2014;2(4);1136-1145 [Download: PDF]

Screening of solvent extracts of Rheum australes for
isolation of antimicrobial compound
Pradeep Babu, Satish K. Verma, and Abhishek Mathur
Biolife 2014;2(4);1146-1153 [Download: PDF]

Preliminary study of herpetofaunal diversity in Radhanagari
Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS), Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
Omkar V. Yadav and S. R. Yankanchi
Biolife 2014;2(4);1154-1159 [Download: PDF]

Assessment of anthropometric and haematological
parameters in healthy female students
Monika bhardwaj and Rajiv Joshi
Biolife 2014;2(4);1160-1164 [Download: PDF]

efficacy of newer chemicals against mustard aphid
Rohit Bhati and R.C. Sharma
Biolife 2014;2(4);1165-1169 [Download: PDF]

Enumeration of macrophytes of eutrophicated and non
eutrophicated lakes of two tahasils of Karim Nagar District,
Telangana. India
G. Odelu, N. Manoj Kumar, N. Siddulu and K. Raghu
Biolife 2014;2(4);1170-1180 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of antibacterial and anifungal activity of fruiting
body extracts of Trametes versicolar
V. Pranitha, G. Krishna and M.A Singara Charya
Biolife 2014;2(4);1181-1184 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of antibiotic resistance in E.coli strains from uti-
clinical isolates
Hazel Leena George and Prasad M. P
Biolife 2014;2(4);1185-1190 [Download: PDF]

A review on medicinal plants for the management of
G. Mahalakshmi, T. Nirmala, R. Samundeswari, D. Sivassoupramanien and S. Kavimani
Biolife 2014;2(4);1191-1198 [Download: PDF]

Cardiac physiology of fresh water male crab, Barytelphusa
under sumidon and acephate stress
Barde R. D
Biolife 2014;2(4);1199-1202 [Download: PDF]

Evaluation of pharmacological activities of pectin extracted
from apple and Citrus pomace
Niharika Sood and Abhishek Mathur
Biolife 2014;2(4);1203-1217 [Download: PDF]

Screening of solvent extracts of Cycas revoluta for
isolation of antimicrobial compound
Rakhi Sharma, Akriti Katiyar and Abhishek Mathur
Biolife 2014;2(4);1218-1228 [Download: PDF]

Bio-systematic studies on Pseudophyllidean cestode genus
Polyoncobothrium, diesing, 1854 (cestoda: Ptychobothriidae,
Luhe, 1902) from freshwater fish Mastacembelus armatus
(Lacepède, 1800) with description of a new species
Vikram Satwarao Deshmukh, Sanjay Shamrao Nanware And Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure
Biolife 2014;2(4);1229-1233 [Download: PDF]

Cytomorphology of some grasses (Poaceae) from Lahaul-Spiti
(Himachal Pradesh), India
Raghbir C. Gupta, Harbans Singh Chauhan, M.I.S.Saggoo and Navjot Kaur
Biolife 2014;2(4);1234-1247 [Download: PDF]

MMP-2 and MMP-9 protein determination in cervical cancer
Prasad, M.P
Biolife 2014;2(4);1248-1253 [Download: PDF]

Hymenopterous biopesticides and their preliminary
biocontrol potential from Western Maharshtra including ghats
T. V. Sathe and T. M. Chougale
Biolife 2014;2(4);1254-1261 [Download: PDF]

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