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White throated thrush is inhabited in evergreen and deciduous forest singly or in 2-3 individual groups on damp, shady forest floor and, on lower
branches of small trees/shrubs (Ali, 2002; Grimmett et al., 2011). It is a rare, resident, shy and locally migratory bird migrating during monsoon
in India from south eastern Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and south Orissa to Tamil Nadu and Kerala (Ali, 2002; Grimmett et al., 1998). The bird is
reported from Rajasthan (Bhardwaj & Sangha, 2008), Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and
Maharashtra (Grewal et al., 2002; Pande et al., 2003; references in Bhardwaj & Sangha, 2008). In Maharashtra bird is reported from evergreen
jungles of Mahabaleshwar in Satara district (Pandy, 1979). Mahabal & Lamba (1987) also sighted the bird from Maharashtra (reference in
Prasad, 2003). Thereafter, there are no reports of its sighting in Maharashtra. In this note we report new sighting records of the white throated
thrush from different parts of Chandgad taluk in Kolhapur district of southern Maharashtra and for the first time from Kolhapur. Zoothera citrina
is evaluated as a least concerned bird and its population declining in recent years due to loss or fragmentation of woodland poses a threat to
forest birds (IUCN, 2013; Wikipedia, 2013). During our routine field work surprisingly we encountered single male white throated thrush
Zoothera citrina cyanotus on the forest floor of Vaghotre village near Chandgad (15°55' 60 N, 74°12'0 E).  By opportunistic sighting method we
sighted the bird on 21st, November 2011 at 14:30 hrs foraging on the leaf litter of forest floor at least for 2 minutes. Then the bird flies on
branches of small tree about 1 meter height from the ground. It was there on the tree branches for some time jumping from a branch to other for
another 2-3 minutes and flew to disappear in the forest. The bird measures around 22 cm. Head and under parts yellowish brown. Neck, throat
and ear coverts are white. A pair of black oblique banding pattern is diagnostic starts from the base of eye and extends back below the eye for
shorter distance through ear coverts. Rest of the above part and wings are slaty blue in color. A diagnostic white patch is found on both sides of
the wings on dorsal side.

Published online 3 July, 2015
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Ningappa C. Hiragond, Amol S. Lokhande and Kedari N. Nikkam. (2015). New sighting records of the white throated thrush
Zoothera citrina cyanotus from southern Maharashtra. Biolife, 3(3), pp 595-596. doi:10.17812/blj.2015.333

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New sighting records of the white throated thrush Zoothera citrina cyanotus from southern Maharashtra

Ningappa C. Hiragond1*, Amol S. Lokhande2 and Kedari N. Nikkam3

1-2Yashwantrao Chavan College Halkarni - 416 552.  Tq. Chandgad, Dt. Kolhapur, Maharastra state, India
3R. B. Madkholkar Mahavidyalaya Chandgad, Tq. Chandgad, Dt. Kolhapur, Maharastra state, India

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